Harwood Arms Pub in London

As a Swede in England there are many things that I’ve come to love about this great country. One of those things is the Sunday roast tradition.

Some people cook a massive family Sunday roast every week. Others go out and try a different pub each week. Others go to their local pub and socialise with friends and family. It’s a lovely tradition however you spend it.

It’s not something we have in Sweden and I find this to be, among other things, so English. Throw in a quaint Cotswold cottage and some clotted cream scones and this to me is England. Just simply lovely, you know?

I found the Fulham pub Harwood Arms through social media, instagram to be precise. A mutual follow had posted pictures of his experience here and for weeks I was thinking about how wonderful the food looked. My best friends birthday was coming up and even though she isn’t as big of a foodie as me I really wanted her to enjoy this place with me and what better time than for her birthday celebration?

Confession Time…

My husband makes the best roast potatoes I’ve ever tasted. So naturally nothing will ever beat those. You might think I’m bias and you’d be right. But listen, he seriously does make the best roast potatoes – I’m not the only one who has said so!

A little joke we have in the family is that I am usually the chef in our kitchen and he is my sous chef. I’ve not chopped anything up in like forever hahahaha that’s what sous are for isn’t it?

But he is the Sunday roast chef in our household and even though he doesn’t cook it very often when he does I am so excited! I look forward to it all morning and I relish the smell that wafts through the house when it’s cooking. Is there anything homelier…(that’s a word right?)

The Interior

Harwood arms is a gastro pub which you can find on the backstreets of Fulham, London. There is nothing about the exterior or the interior that brags in your face about it being the only pub in London with a Michelin star. Yes, you read that correctly, the only Michelin star pub in London.

In my opinion it really deserves this honour. The best part, it’s actually affordable. I know, I was sceptical too at first when I’d seen pictures of their food on social media. But I’m here to tell you it’s true!

They focus on game and wild food and this would explain the animal heads decorating the walls. The rest is a very simple interior but it works. It puts the emphasise on the food not the place.

The Drinks

I had a Seedlip and Tonic which was lovely, my husband had a red wine, Le Vin De Pays, De Fontarèche, Languedoc-Roussillon, which he really enjoyed. We also ordered some still water for the table but even this was presented lovely.

From what I can see on their drinks menu they have plenty to offer for all budgets.

The Food

Let’s not waste anymore time, let’s talk food.

They offer a set price menu which in my opinion is very reasonably priced for both lunch and dinner. £37.50 for 2 courses or £49.95 for 3 courses.

As we sat down we were served some bread, this was an Irish Soda bread made with Guinness – very tasty!

We all chose the 2 course menu and for starters my table ordered the Crispy lamb sweetbreads with wild mushrooms and barley, the Venison faggots with Jerusalem artichoke and marjoram. I had the Whipped chicken liver with thyme hobnobs and onion jam.

This tasted delicious but I wished there were more thyme hobnobs as when I’d run out of those I still had a lot of whipped chicken liver left to eat.

There was no need to think about what to order for mains – we all went for the Roast sirloin of 45 day Shorthorn beef with Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, cauliflower cheese croquettes, horseradish cream, root vegetables, bone marrow gravy and greens. This option however came with a slightly hefty £10 surcharge. But there was plenty of other choices too.

I believe the menu changes slightly for each Sunday or by season. During my research I’ve found cod, pork and grouse on the menu so if you’re not into beef there are other choices. Having said that though I’ve not found any vegetarian options.

I can’t begin to find the words to describe how tasty the food is here. I’ll ‘settle’ to describe it as mouthwatering, heaven on a plate, a feast for the eyes and the pallet.

The Service

We were waited on well and always with a smile. Nothing was too much for the staff and as it was my besties birthday they had even put together a little happy birthday plate with some cake and a candle. Lovely thoughtful touch.

The staff had really cool looking aprons on and I couldn’t help myself to want one. Everything was professional and as you can see above there was so much food and we took out time to eat it all. Not once were we felt rushed by the staff to give our table back.

The Verdict

  • Come for the amazing Sunday Roast
  • Set menu prices which are very reasonable
  • Great service with a smile
  • Be Aware that when booking a table you must leave your card details and there is a hefty charge per person for late cancellations
  • The best Sunday roast I’ve ever had (excluding my husbands – see above)
  • It is absolutely worth a trip to London if you are not local as it will not disappoint

All the details you need to get yourself to The Harwood Arms can be found below;

To visit their website and see a selection of their daily and weekend menu click here

To visit them their address is: Walham Grove, Fulham, London SW6 1QP

If you’ve been here before what did you think? Or are you planning a visit? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you.


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