Sticks’n’Sushi, London

This might not be a very well known fact. Scandinavia has a huge raw fish obsession. No seriously, you must have heard or seen the word roll-mops? Pickled Herring we call it. Actually no, we call it Inlagd Sill in Swedish hahahah. I know I know, sounds...erm... interesting? It's part of my heritage and in... Continue Reading →

Harwood Arms Pub in London

As a Swede in England there are many things that I've come to love about this great country. One of those things is the Sunday roast tradition. Some people cook a massive family Sunday roast every week. Others go out and try a different pub each week. Others go to their local pub and socialise... Continue Reading →

Aquavit in London

Aquavit I feel is one of those hidden gems. A Michelin star restaurant originally founded in New York's midtown Manhattan in 1987. Yep, it's old hahahaha According to their own website even after two decades it 'continues to be one of New York’s most popular and highly esteemed dining destinations' and the New York restaurant... Continue Reading →

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