NAC Mayfair in London

North Audley Canteen in Mayfair – NAC – is one of those restaurants that feels off the beaten track but is in fact only about a 6 minute stroll from Selfridges (I double checked the time on Apple Maps lol)

This is one of my favourite neighbourhood feel restaurants. Its not touristy and it doesn’t feel full of influencers and bloggers either (apart from yours truly hahahah)

I usually book a table here via the opentable app and I really like how that app works. So simple and quick. According to the reviews on the app NAC has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. I would absolutely agree!

I actually came across this little gem via Instagram. That’s how I tend to find most restaurants nowadays. I like to see the food – if it makes me drool by pictures alone I’m booking a table asap hahahahah

The Drinks

To my husbands embarrassment I regularly ask for ‘the prettiest drink’ when we go out, yes I am that person hahahaha and proud if it dammit! I feel like I eat/drink just as much with my eyes as I do with my tastebuds. Besides, it makes for pretty tasty looking blog entries right?

The beetroot latte may look like a dream but no no no no this was not for me. I didn’t realise it contains coconut milk. As pretty as it looks, taste wise this was a complete fail for me. You live and learn though right?

I’m a firm believer in good quality food and in my opinion that doesn’t necessarily translate to pricey food. Sure, some places are more well known than others, some have the top chefs and others Micheline stars or the most prestigious address. Those places tend to charge a bit more and I suppose they have every right to.

A Confession…

The pictures and experiences of NAC in this post is something I’ve collected over the past 2 years. My first visit was in 2017 and I go back again and again. This fab place is firmly on my re-visit list!

I guess you can say I thoroughly vet and diligently research before making my mind up hahahahaha win win for all don’t you agree?

The Food

I’m not local to London but I do know that a Mayfair address is quite sought after. In my opinion NAC doesn’t charge Mayfair prices and for that I thank them! To give you an idea of the prices; Poached eggs avocado on toast is £13, an açai bowl is £10 and a truffled Mac n Cheese is £11. That’s pretty reasonable right?

Food is delicious, beautifully presented and fresh and when it’s served with a smile and zero feeling of being rushed out the door as soon as you’re finished, it makes the whole experience great in my book.

The truffle Mac n Cheese is out of this world mouthwatering and words cannot describe just how tasty this small but mighty dish is. You simply have to try it. The eggs Benedict I’m told was super tasty by my friends who had it on a few of our visits.

I feel the avocado toast is reimagined here and is anything but boring. Lets face it, it’s on every brunch menu and there’s nothing much you can do with it really and it can be a bit same same and boring, it is what it is. Until I came here! Try it and you’ll see.

The restaurant has the character you would expect of a French bistro, the clientele are fashionable and the waiting staff are friendly and attentive. I couldn’t recommend this place enough for a relaxed weekend brunch.

Let me just clarify that I am not one of their fashionable clientele hahahah I basically live in white or grey T-shirts and black or grey jeans (see a pattern here?) and a leather jacket hahahah and I certainly don’t ‘fit in’ with the Mayfair crowd. But you know what, when a restaurant makes you feel relaxed, important and like you do fit in – you know you’ve found a spot to add to your regular visits list.

The Verdict

  • the food is wonderful
  • the staff are friendly and attentive and make you feel comfortable
  • you’re never made to feel rushed to give up your table but I believe there is the usual time limit during busy times
  • they have a few tables outside too which are usually always busy
  • the crockery is gorgeous and mismatched and a delight on the eye

All the details you need to get yourself to the NAC can be found below;

To visit their website click here

To see a selection of their menu click here

To visit them their address is: 41 North Audley Street, W1K6ZP, Mayfair

If you’ve been here before what did you think? Or are you planning a visit? Let me know in the comments as I’d love to hear from you.


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  1. Omg you have the BEST photography. I am always so guilty of ordering ‘the prettiest cocktail’, once I ordered a beetroot latte that tasted awful just so I could get a cute picture of a pink coffee hahaha – the things you do for the gram! The food looks so delish, I loved this post, you are one of my fav bloggers!xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so happy I’m not on my own then asking for ‘the prettiest’ hahahaha yeah doesn’t taste nice at all does it… I’ll probably still order it if it’s for a shoot hahahaha for the gram indeed. Thanks so much Chloe – you really know how to make a girl smile and feel all warm and fuzzy… no wait… that sounded totally wrong hahahah I mean you’ve made my day my lovely! thank you so so so much xx


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